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Executive Summary

Amel Engineering (Pvt) Ltd, established by an experienced team of entrepreneurs and incorporated as a company under the companies act. Our Sales & Marketing office is located in Fort and the Factory is located in Moratuwa.

The core-business of the company comprises Zinc Aluminum Color and Non Color roofing sheets, Purlins, Wall cladding, Gutters, Accessories and value addition of metallic coated steel into corrugated roofing and sale of un-profiled cut sheets. The Company imports metallic coated steel in coils form from our principal suppliers in Singapore, Korea, Australia & China.

Our line of products and service is specialized and tailor made on customer requirements. The company provides customized total roofing and cladding solutions in color coated (pre-painted) and non-color zinc-aluminum to the Industrial / Commercial sectors as well as to House builders and Fabricators in Sri Lanka and overseas. In addition we provides profiling services to customers where the material is provided by them.

The company owns profiling / roll forming machines and purlin machines for manufacturing and value addition and other handling requirements. Also we continually adopting the latest of technologies to improve the performance of products, processes and systems and to achieve economic and efficient use of resources. All our sales related staff are comprehensively trained and experienced to handle any type of inquiry or sales support with delicate calculations. We always being responsive to changing customer needs to ensure continuous satisfaction.

Our bottom line is in our own interest to ensure that you, our potential customer gets exactly what you expect and what you have paid for. We strongly believe in working closely with every customer and responding to their individual needs.

We don’t just pay lip service to technology. We are driven by it. Our success is cognizant on research, development and quality of our products and services. It is the only way that we can keep ahead in a crowded field and thrive in a fiercely competitive arena.


Amel Engineering (Pvt) Ltd imports premium quality Zinc-Aluminium, both colour coated (pre-painted) and in non-colour in coil form from Korea for value addition, by profiling same into roofing, cladding and related accessories.

What is Zinc-Aluminium (Alloy Coated Steel)

Zinc -Aluminium material coating comprises:

  • Aluminum - 55%
  • Zinc - 43.4%
  • Silicon - 1.6%

  • Since Aluminium is known to possess excellent anti-corrosive properties, it provides a protective barrier against corrosion under normal weather conditions.

    Atmospheric exposure tests have confirmed that the corrosion resistance feature of Zinc-Aluminium alloy coated steel is far superior to an ordinary zinc coating, since the 150 gms/ m2 coating (coating mass AZ 150) on an average, lasts upto four times that of galvanized steel which has a coating mass of 270 gms/ m2 (Z27) in similar environmental conditions.

    Prepainted Steel

    Material specifications of ZINC (ALUMINIUM alloy coated steel and Pre painted steel)

    Total coating thickness (TCT) : 0.47 mm , 0.40 mm and 0.35 mm
    Minimum coating mass : 150 gms / m2 (AZ 150)
    Minimum yield strength : 550 MPa (also referred to as High - tensile steel)

    Conformity to International Standards:

    Zinc - Aluminium allow coated steel and pre-painted steel conform to the following International Standard Codes: ASTM A792, A 792M, JIS G3321, AS 1397

    ZINC-ALUMINIUM steel is chosen as the substrate with PRE PAINTED steel range for roofing and wall cladding applications. Pre painted steel goes through a four stage process, whereby the ZINC-ALUMINIUM steel is applied with a conversion layer chemically applied. An epoxy primer is then baked onto the surface and thereafter a durable exterior grade topcoat is baked on.

    PRE-PAINTED steel is designed to give the superior strength of steel, corrosion resistance of the ZINC-ALUMINIUM alloy coated steel and an oven baked finish which is able to withstand varying weather conditions. The coating used in the manufacture of Pre painted steel has been formulated to resist fading, peeling, chipping and cracking.

    The design flexibility and versatile nature of Zinc-Aluminium in diverse applications, facilitate innovative design possibilities to architects and other users of this product.


    The following product range in Zinc-Aluminium alloy coated steel is manufactured/profiled by the Company and marketed under the brand name 'AMELDEK'.

  • Roofing sheets
  • Wall cladding, Ceiling sheets
  • Rainwater goods - Gutters, Downpipes, Valley gutters
  • Roofing related accessories - Ridge caps, Flashings
  • Other Products - Louvers, Panel boxes, Channels
  • Purlin - In Galvanized steel and Black Iron

  • Roofing , cladding and rainwater goods are available in a range of colours and thicknesses, which provide an aesthetic appearance and is long lasting.